The Snow Queen


The Missoula Children’s Theatre professional tour team will arrive in Loveland and assemble a cast of talented Loveland Students. Roles are available for students in grades 1 – 12.

A group audition will take place promptly at 10 am on Monday, June 24, at the Rialto Theater.

Tuition: $55


Performance Dates/Times

Saturday, June 29 
3 and 5:30 pm

Although set in a “land of colored ice,” this classic tale will warm your heart in its illustrative retelling by a group of fun-loving, imaginative hobgoblins. As they depict the journey of a young girl and her quest to find her best friend, you may just find yourself believing in malevolent mirrors, yetis, talking reindeer, and snow chickens! Blizzards can come at any moment, so strap on some snowshoes and get ready to discover what it takes to overcome chilling obstacles, keep resilience alive, and melt down the Snow Queen’s
icy walls.

Tickets: $10
Plus standard ticketing fees