Kaiser Permanente presents Loveland’s FREE Foote Lagoon Summer Concert Series
Summer 2017

Foote Lagoon Summer Concert Series sponsored by:Summer-Concerts-2

The City of Loveland is now accepting submissions for performing artists and groups who are interested in performing at the Foote Lagoon summer 2017 concerts. Please note that we receive hundreds of submissions each year and we only have 12 available time slots. We are committed to presenting a mix of professional touring artists along with local artists and groups. We are also looking at creating a schedule that highlights a wide range of musical genres and styles along with offering a diverse selection of concerts that celebrate cultural heritages of all kinds.

To be considered, please answer ALL of the following questions and send to by January 27th at 8 pm. You must put, “PERFORMANCE AT FOOTE LAGOON” in the subject line or your submission may be overlooked.

If you submitted this form last year, you DO need to submit a new application this year. If you were one of the performers in our 2016 concert series, please note that we will not hire the same acts in consecutive years in order to give new artists the opportunity to perform and keep the concerts fresh. We do encourage you to try again in alternating seasons.

Mandatory Questions:

  1. Name of Artist of Group
  2. Very brief description of the style of music you wish to perform
  3. A link to a video that best demonstrates the type of performance you will give (please do not send more than 1 link as we don’t have enough time to review them all. We will only check out the first one you send us, so make sure it’s the best representation).
  4. What is your asking fee? Ranges are fine, but leaving this blank may eliminate your chances.
  5. How many musicians will be on the stage, and how many instruments will be played in all (including vocals)? In other words, how many people will be standing on the stage and how many inputs will be required?
  6. Are there any other cost factors associated with booking you? If yes, explain.
  7. What is your Thursday evening availability for the months of June and July 2017?
  8. Do you have the means, and are you willing to help us promote the FREE concerts such as on your Facebook page, etc.? If so, please explain including number of followers, etc.
  9. Where are you or your group officially based out of? All submissions will be considered, but in the case where we are torn between similar acts, we will give preference to artists and groups in this order: from the City of Loveland, from elsewhere in Larimer County or Northern Colorado, from elsewhere in Colorado, from out of the state.
  10. Name, email address, and phone number for a primary point of contact

* This concert series is free and open to the public. Therefore, all performances are to be appropriate for all ages. No performance shall contain obscenity as defined by Loveland Municipal Code Section 9.20.010.

** Please note that due to the volume of submissions we receive in a very short period of time, we will not be able to contact or respond to every submission in a timely manner. We will be contacting those who we either need more information about or we would like to move forward with.

*** Thank you for your interest in participating in our summer concert series. Our goal is to select the performers by February 24th and begin the contract phase on February 27th.

2017 SUBMISSION DEADLINE:    Friday, January 27, 2017 by 8 pm