desplazado-movieWednesday, January 25
7 pm

Can a beautifying city remain inclusive to all income levels and cultures even when it is “discovered” by others?

Desplazado is about home and people. When neighborhoods renovate to cater to middle and upper class tastes, rents and property taxes rise. These and other displacement pressures converge to create an unwelcome environment for people who have lived in a place for generations, often minority populations. City governments tend to favor gentrification, which results in lowered crime rates and increased revenues. Gentrifying neighborhoods and cities become more culturally and economically homogenized. Do all people have a right to live in cities? What makes a city great and is cultural and socioeconomic diversity an important component of a great city? Desplazado seeks to answer these questions while exploring the gentrification of the Old Town and Tres Colonias neighborhoods in Fort Collins, Colorado–an award-winning city with an affordable housing crisis.


Tickets: $6 General Admission
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